About TK

This homeschool is formed in the year 2020 for the purpose of serving the educational needs of the Thompson children.

We do intend to establish this homeschool for our young children from Day One.  We believe that we can do better, as parents, at brokering and curating content and experiences for our children.  We won’t be handing the children over to government schools or religious communities, at least not until the children have developed a strong sense of self, have become larger and more confident in their physicality, have learned boundaries (their own and the boundaries of others), and are significantly more articulate.

This homeschool recognizes the failure of the modern education system (both government and private schools) to prepare the pupil for the challenges of the 21st century.  But moreover, this homeschool is not only about running AWAY from a failing system, but running TOWARDS a new, brighter, more promising future in education.

This homeschool is founded with three guiding principles:

  1. That education should be lifelong, every day, and all day;
  2. That education is rewarding and fun;
  3. And that all of the Thompson children will be a success story, however they may choose to define success.

The Thompson parents do not function as the sole teachers of this homeschool, but rather as Education Brokers, providing access to, and organization of, educational resources and opportunities for the Thompson children.  

The Thompson parents will determine every element of the curriculum, leaning heavily on established, age-appropriate, teaching materials made available both publicly and privately.  Contrary to a traditional classroom, this homeschool is uniquely positioned to embrace an increased role and presence of technology in education. Furthermore, this homeschool is swift to take learning out of the classroom and into the field — from exploring, museums, traveling, attending shows and concerts, to any other learning opportunity that enhances the child’s understanding of the given materials or contributes to one of the guiding principles stated above.

The assessment of progress is made by the parents and differs sharply from the traditional “grading” system in that mastery is expected before advancement.  

Compliance with local regulations regarding homeschooling is the responsibility of the parents.

Every single day is a homeschooling day and, if done right, this is the greatest gift we give our children.